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From Andreu Industrial Maintenance we offer a comprehensive maintenance service, why not just fix it and solve faults, but we provide a predictive and preventive through the study of images.

Thermographic studies are an important tool for predictive and preventive maintenance of all facilities such as motors, transformers, electrical panels, furnaces, refrigerators, etc.

The study of a thermogram allows the location of hot spots that indicate the presence of malfunctions in the equipment before damage occurs. This can be carried out preventive maintenance of facilities.


  • Detection of anomalies in the system without interrupting the production process.
    This way our customers can save production costs by minimizing the number of downtime for equipment maintenance. Preventive maintenance can be performed more often as not involved in the manufacturing process thus improving performance.
  • Localization accuracy and advance notice of potential problems.
    The accuracy of these systems thermography allows us to quickly and accurately determine the source of the problem.
    The operation of equipment such as bearings, motors, pumps, etc, with a substantial temperature rise may indicate equipment malfunction and thus to anticipate future breakdowns.
  • Disminución las actuaciones de mantenimiento y reducen el tiempo de reparación
    Estas mejoras del mantenimiento preventivo se ven reflejadas de manera positiva en los costes de producción y mantenimiento, optimizando los recursos de los que disponemos y el tiempo empleado en mantenimiento.
  • They extend the useful life of equipment
    The life of the equipment is directly influenced by the operation and maintenance done, so that an efficient maintenance allows us to extend the life of our equipment.
  • Allow use of more energy efficient.
    Decreased use in refrigeration and heating acting on the causes of loss of heat or cold.
    This will get both energy savings and reduced environmental impact
  • We provide discounts on insurance policy
    Given the efficiency of thermographic studies, the vast majority of insurance companies a positive value that your company has a maintenance program with thermographic analysis.


With each thermographic study developed a complete status report of installation points, noting the most critical points of the installation.

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Sample Report


Thermography to study the thermal insulation of cold store.

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Termografia 3Termografia 2

Thermography for the study of electrical system failures.

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